Q: Who runs My Blog Editor?
A: My Blog Editor is owned and operated by me, Darcy De Leon. I’ve been editing website and blog post content for the last 15 years (the past eight years as a freelance content editor and corporate proofreader and, before that, six years as editor of an online publication in the corporate communications department of a nationally ranked hospital). I’ve been writing and editing a total of 30 years in various industries (newspapers, city government, nonprofit, oil and gas and magazines).

Q: How is content edited?
A: I edit blog post and website text for clarity, consistency, accuracy, intent, grammar, spelling, punctuation, flow, Associated Press style and client writing style guidelines. I also edit text for the web: I make sure content is concise, so it’s easy to read (scan) and understand. If you tend to write a lot, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll suggest deleting content. If the copy is compelling and not redundant, I’ll leave the length and edit so that readers stay engaged and keep reading. If requested, I edit for search engine optimization (in headlines/page and blog post titles, photo and page descriptions and social media messages).

Q: How will I know what changes have been made?
A: I’ll show you my edits using one of two formats:

  • Microsoft Word documents (edits appear in Track Changes).
  • PDFs (edits shown with Adobe Acrobat Pro editing tools).

I will give you explanations for my edits so that you:

  • Understand the reasons for the corrections.
  • Can use the information to establish a more detailed set of writing style guidelines for your business content.

My constant goal is to maintain your voice and make you look good.

Q: How often would I use a blog editor?
A: As little or as much as you need. See the options on the Services and Pricing page.

Q: What if my questions are not answered on this page? How do I get specific questions answered?
A: Go to the My Blog Editor contact page and fill out the form, and I will answer your specific questions.

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