First, let’s talk about you.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small-business owner, you produce a lot of content for your website, blog and social media.

You may:

  • Create it by yourself but don’t have time to edit it until it shines.
  • Write well, but you’re not sure how to edit content so it’s:
    • Clear, concise, credible and consistent.
    • Correct (grammar, spelling, punctuation and style).
    • Scannable (formatted and written so it’s easy to read quickly as well as easy to absorb).
    • Actionable (written with clear tips that readers can use).
    • Optimized for search engines (SEO) – to help content rank higher on search engine pages.
    • Ready to be repurposed for other formats (infographics, checklists) and channels (social media).
    • Paired with graphic elements (photos, videos).
    • Linked with your social media accounts.

If you’re a Fortune 500 corporate communications or marketing manager
, you are probably buried in a constant stream of content that always needs editing and proofreading.

You may:

  • Feel overwhelmed and need another you (an extra pair of eyes to help you keep up with your editing demands).
  • Find that your staff is making a lot of grammatical errors or other mistakes.
  • See that content is not consistent.
  • Feel pressure from department heads and executives to eliminate mistakes.
  • Need someone to make sure content follows company style and branding guidelines.

Entrepreneurs and corporate communicators produce a lot of business content, and you could use some help.

That’s where I come in.

I lighten your editing workload and elevate your content quality in the process.

Handing over your copy to me gives you immediate relief and peace of mind. I edit your content so that it’s clear, concise, credible and consistent. I make sure all content follows your company style and brand guidelines. If you’re an entrepreneur or own a small business, you may not have company style and branding guidelines yet, but I can help you get started.

Hiring me allows you to let go of some of your content editing duties to free up time for your numerous other business responsibilities.

How I improve your content

I rely on 30 years of writing and editing experience, including assignments as a Fortune 500 editor and proofreader, six years as an online publication editor and 15 years writing and editing blog and website content. My background is in print journalism, so I follow the Associated Press Stylebook in addition to any company-specific style guides your business may have. If you’re not a professional communicator, you should know that the AP Stylebook is the gold-standard writing style guide used by professional journalists and many Fortune 500 corporations and businesses.

When I’m working, I strive to maintain your company’s voice while also meticulously editing for:

  • Grammar.
  • Spelling.
  • Punctuation.
  • Flow.
  • Accuracy.
  • Intent.
  • The “Four Cs of Awesome Content”:
    • Clarity.
    • Conciseness.
    • Credibility.
    • Consistency.
  • Search engine optimization (when requested).
  • Adherence to:
    • The Associated Press Stylebook.
    • Company-specific style guides.
    • Company-specific branding standards.

My goal is to provide content editing that elevates your company brand.

If you need an editor or proofreader to ensure your content is in tip-top shape, take a look at the My Blog Editor Services and Pricing page. If your needs aren’t met with the packages or you have questions, email me.

How your content gets edited when you become a My Blog Editor client

Once you’ve selected an editing package from the My Blog Editor Services and Pricing page, you’ll be contacted and asked to email your content to me to edit. You can send Microsoft Word documents, PDFs or PowerPoint presentations.

After that, you can relax knowing your content will return to you, the same or next business day, with edits making it more clear, concise, credible and consistent with your company’s writing style guide and branding standards.

In whatever capacity I work for you (again, see your options on my Services and Pricing page), think of me as an extension of your company’s communications team. If you own a small business, think of me as your content editor.

About me

I’m Darcy De Leon, a professional content editor and owner of My Blog Editor. I edit online content for entrepreneurs and members of Fortune 500 corporate communications departments.

My (short) story: I have 30 years of experience as a writer (newspapers, magazines, websites and businesses) and as an editor (six years as an online publications editor, 15 years working with online content and seven years as a blog editor and corporate proofreader). I have always edited using the Associated Press Stylebook.

The longer tale: I began my career writing full time on staff at the Corpus Christi-Caller Times and Reno Gazette-Journal newspapers. I also worked full time for USA Today as part of Gannett Newspapers’ four-month “Loanership Program.”

Taking the skills I honed at all three publications, I left newspapers to write feature articles and public relations materials for government, corporate communications and nonprofit organizations in Houston. At the same time, I also wrote feature articles for local and national magazines.

Online writing and editing 

My introduction to online writing and editing took place when I was hired to create original content to launch Houston Citysearch. After that assignment, I was hired as a regular Citysearch contributor.

I later spent six years as the online editor in the communications department at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. There, I wrote and edited the institution’s online-only publication, called CancerWise, which was a monthly electronic newsletter for cancer patients and their loved ones. As editor, I developed, wrote, edited and published content as well as handled social media and distribution to subscribers. We had more than 20,000 subscribers. It was MD Anderson’s first publication to use social media.

My Blog Editor is born

After leaving that editing position, a former colleague asked me to help her with her website and blog. She told me she wanted to promote her personal business through her site, but her busy, full-time professional career and other commitments were preventing her from blogging. I helped her create a schedule to write her posts, and she hired me to do the rest. I edited and published blog posts and photos for her and provided support wherever needed. As her blog editor, my goal was to correct errors, improve the quality of her content and maintain her personality and style.

A few years later, I was approached by a Fortune 100 company to serve as the organization’s sole proofreader to review all content produced by the company’s creative services and corporate communications departments. Since then, I’ve continued working for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies, editing and proofreading corporate websites, magazines, newsletters, reports, fact sheets, executive biographies, advertisements and high-profile emails. I’ve helped companies update their style guides and also served as a resource for answering impromptu writing style questions.

The sheer volume of content a corporation or entrepreneurial business produces is difficult to keep up with, and it’s important to have someone with a birds-eye view who can ensure all content is consistent to protect and elevate a company’s brand. That has been my role.

To find out what My Blog Editor can do for you and your business, contact me here or visit the My Blog Editor Services and Pricing page.

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