Don’t try to manipulate people into being email subscribers

It’s OK to ask your website visitors if they want to subscribe to your email list. It’s NOT OK to try to shame, manipulate or insult them into doing it.

So if you’re using a website app like SumoMe to publish customizable pop-up forms that capture email addresses, be respectful in your messaging.

Here are some examples of what NOT to do in your “No Thanks” sentences:

“No thanks” would have been enough here. No need to add “I don’t want to grow my business” to insinuate that the reader lacks the drive or desire to grow their business. That’s insulting.

Now, look at this “No thanks” sentence:

Again, “No thanks” would have been enough here, too. Why add a condescending comment like, “I don’t like saving money”?

These types of comments attempt to shame, manipulate and coerce visitors into giving you their email address by implying that there’s something wrong with visitors if they DON’T leave their email addresses. The messaging is disrespectful to your website visitors and damaging to your integrity and credibility as a website owner.

Instead of trying to manipulate visitors with a passive aggressive message, just say, “No thanks!” Don’t pretend you know what your readers are thinking. Besides, it’s none of your business why someone does not want to give you their email address.

Be direct and respectful. If people want to sign up, they will. If they don’t want to give you their email address, they won’t. Don’t try to force it. That will only annoy or alienate them and drive them away.

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