Holiday gift ideas for writers and editors

Holiday gift ideas from My Blog Editor

If the writers or editors in your life are like me, they appreciate creative inspiration.

For me, that comes from reading a well-written book (by a writer I respect) about the process of writing and editing. I love the reminders, tricks and tips that great writers give. It reignites my passion for writing and the desire to say things more clearly.

I spend my time editing business content these days, which I love (since I’m helping people tell their stories well). And a client recently asked if there was a book I would recommend to help him improve his writing. I gave him a few ideas.

And now, for you, in the spirit of holiday gift giving, I’ll share those suggestions and a few extras below.

(Just so you know, I’m an Amazon affiliate, meaning that if you decide to buy something I’ll get a commission. But don’t worry. It won’t cost you anything.)

Do you have book ideas for writers and editors? What are they?

Happy shopping and happy holidays!


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