Why I love editing content

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I love stories – in all forms (movies, books, news articles). And that’s why I love editing content for business owners like you – because everything you write for your business (your “About” page, blog posts, company newsletters and even photo captions) is a story.

Many of you tell your stories really well, and that makes sense because as business owners you have an area of expertise and you know your stuff. Sharing your passion and knowledge in writing might come easy to you. Still, you might have doubts about technical aspects of your business content – like knowing where to put a comma in a sentence or whether to put periods at the end of bullets. You also may have looked at your content a million times and may be afraid that you can no longer see any errors. It’s easy to miss mistakes, but don’t worry.

Step away from your words

That’s where proofreading and editing comes in. If you don’t have someone to do that for you, do it yourself. Step away from your copy for as long as you can after you have written it and go do something else. Come back later and proofread it. With rested and refreshed eyes, you or an editor can look at your copy, spot the errors and correct them instantly.

When editing I also look for inconsistencies in facts and company style and how things are worded. And I point out content gaps and anything that needs clarification. Your content should be the best it can be. Mistakes and lack of clarity get in the way of your clients understanding you, and that’s why I’m relentless when editing for a client.

My goal is to correct and polish your content to make it crystal clear, and, because I have a background as a writer, I strive to preserve your voice. Your voice is your brand, after all. Any good editor should be able to do the same thing.

Continue improving your story

What I’m trying to say is that it’s a beautiful thing when your words are so clear and flawless that it’s possible for your customers to really understand and enjoy what’s written. When someone who has read your story is then inspired to take action, whether that means hiring you or following your advice, you can be of service to others. And life is even better.

So cheers to you as you continue to tell your business stories and remember to always proofread!

If you would like my help as an editor, contact me or visit my FAQ page or Services and Pricing page for more information.

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