Proofread Everything: Work schedules

Stock photography © Skypixel | Dreamstime.comThere may be times when your internal corporate communications department is tasked with producing hard-copy, in-house reference pieces for employees. That might include employee work schedules. Here’s a reminder to proofread them as carefully as you would any other document.

In this case, that means using an accurate calendar to check that each schedule date (Aug. 22, for example) has the correct corresponding day (Friday). Take your time and check each and every date with the day. I found an error while proofreading a 2015 work shift schedule for one corporation’s factory employees. One error may not sound like a lot, but this error, which occurred in February, made each and every subsequent date/day wrong for the remaining 11 months of the schedule.

Had the communications department not had the schedule proofread, workers might have missed shifts because of the inaccurate calendar, which would have cost the company in lost productivity and possibly lost revenue. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

Remember, mistakes can happen anywhere, so proofread everything!


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