Blog post review: Rubbermaid


Rubbermaid has a great content marketing post this week on Organizing Baking and Snacking Supplies that:

    • Grabs readers’ attention by providing solutions to a common problem.
    • Inspires readers with verbal and visual examples.
    • Makes readers (me included) want to go out and buy their stuff.

The article leads with a specific organizing problem – how to make two separate areas of the kitchen more organized and accessible. Then it shares solutions, including the names of specific Rubbermaid products and how and why they can help restore order in this situation. Photos back up all the suggestions, and additional suggestions (container labels) show how Rubbermaid can once again transform a kitchen into a beautiful place.

The last line of the post draws readers in even further by asking them to suggest their ideas on how they might use a suggested product.

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