Make blog post content rich with layers


Making content-rich blog posts reminds me of those seven-layer Mexican Dip recipes. You know – with the beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese, etc.? Once you have your protein for the dip, then you add on the layers. The combination of each individual ingredient makes for a rich and delicious meal.

Although this is not a cooking site, I can't resist providing you with a link to the recipe.

Layering content is the same idea. The meat (or vegetarian protein) of the post is your main message. Write what you want to say, then add any of the following:

  • Examples.
  • Personal anecdotes.
  • Quotes from experts.
  • Links within the post to related content.
  • Photos representing your topic.
  • Photos that also contain a hover message.

All together, you’re giving your readers a bounty of information and resources.

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