Guest posts: What kinds to accept

Check out potential guest bloggers who you don't know.Guests blog posts are great because they add another layer of expertise and perspective to your blog. They offer variety and make your site more diverse. So, I’m all for clients accepting posts from other writers, but only if they are the right kind.

The most ideal guest post comes from a professional peer who works in your industry. This is someone you know, trust and respect. You have even read this person’s blog and know you like the writing style and content. Ideally, guest posts should contain only original content – writing that has never appeared anywhere else.

Someone you know

If you ask colleagues to write for your blog:

  • Talk with them about their post idea before they write it.
  • Agree on a deadline but have backup copy ready.
  • Ask them to email their bios to you.
  • Add a bio at the end of each post.
  • In the bio, include a link to each author’s website.

Stranger danger

If you start receiving guest blogging requests from strangers, proceed with caution.

Guest blogging can be used as a clever form of spam and free advertising for other less reputable sites. Some bloggers want to appear on your blog even if they are not writing about your topic. They only want the benefits of guest posting – notoriety and increased traffic to their site. They are not concerned with providing quality content that might help your audience.

Don’t let anyone who is not legitimate hitch a ride on your hard-earned blogging coattails.

Say no to potential guest bloggers who:

  • Suggest a topic that has nothing to do with your topic of expertise.
  • Make vague references to your blog, showing that they haven’t read it.
  • Do not write well. Sounds obvious, but make sure the writing is up to your standards.
  • Use incorrect punctuation or grammar or leave out words – another sign of spam.
  • Do not include a link to their blog/site (maybe because they don’t have one).

When you receive a request from someone to guest post on your site, tell the writer that before accepting a post, your policy is to review it along with the writer’s website.

You can also send the writer a link to your guest post guidelines.

They might read something like this:

If you would like to submit a guest post for consideration, please email me your name, a short bio, your guest blog post and a link to your website. Guest bloggers’ bios and a photos will appear below each post, along with links to the blogger’s website or blog. Guest posts must contain only original content that will not appear anywhere else.

If this example doesn’t fit for you, look around the Web for other policies you might like better.

Remember, including content from other writers helps grow your blog, but make sure the contributions fit your values, goals and style.

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