How to Write Fast Posts: The Product Review

Churning out blog posts every week takes time. So, give yourself a break by eliminating one lengthy weekly post and replacing it with a fill-in-the-blank product review post. It’ll be easy to write and still be packed with great information.

How to format

If you don’t want to write about a product, per se, you could review whatever you blog about or whatever you like (TV shows, desserts, photos). The key to it being easy to write is the formatting and the limits you set for yourself.

To create the outline of your post, you’ll need a(n):

  • Introduction – What made you want to write about it.
  • Description of the product.
  • List of pros.
  • List of cons.
  • Conclusion – Optional.


Below is an example of a product review by one of my clients, Janice Simon, aka The Clutter Princess. Janice is a professional organizer with a full-time professional organizing job and a private organizing business. She is busy, so I suggested that one of her three weekly posts be a fill-in-the-blank post that still offers great, helpful content for her readers. See my comments in italics.

Organizing Product Review: Grid-it!

I didn’t attend the National Association of Professional Organizers conference this year, but many of my fellow organizers who actually attended kept talking about Grid-it™ by Cocoon Innovations. So I went to the website and bought a couple to road test.

Here’s Janice’s introduction where she tells the reader how this product grabbed her attention – other professional organizers were talking about it. It’s nice and short: two sentences.

What it is:
Grid-it is like its name implies: a grid. The grids are made up of elastic bands that go either horizontal or vertical, and you can tuck your gadgets, gums, and other assorted items into the bands. The bands hold your items in place.

A simple description of the product shows the reader what it is and how they might use it.

Why it’s awesome: The bands come in different sizes so you can tuck larger or smaller items into them. Depending on the size you order, you can have a purse-size Grid-it or a large one for a tote bag or suitcase.

Insight into the positive options the product offers.

I took the large one on my recent vacation, and the only problem I had is that things would slide out of the bands when I pulled it out of the tote bag. Small issue considering that I had overstuffed my tote bag since I was traveling without checking luggage.

This is great road-tested information that helps the reader decide if the drawbacks are worth the benefits of buying and using the product.

No conclusion here, but it’s something you can always add. I like conclusions because they put all the information into context for the readers.

Keep it simple, make it fun

When you write your own fill-in-the-blank product reviews, ask yourself if what you’re writing educates the reader, gives them a behind-the-scenes peek on how the product really works and if it gives them enough good and bad information to decide if the product is for them.

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