What’s a blog editor, and why would I want one?

A blog editor is a person who edits text and/or photos on a blog or website to raise the quality of the site. The editor can also act as a consultant regarding online writing style, social media content and search engine optimization.

The editor could be hired one time, from time-to-time or permanently (on retainer or on staff).

Here are examples of people who want a blog editor and why:

New bloggers or entrepreneurs who want to start blogging – New bloggers may know what they want to say but have never blogged before. They may have questions, need some direction or want a sounding board for their ideas.

Business owners who want to add a blog to their website – Business owners may have a long-standing website but want to add a social media component, such as a blog, as well as related social media accounts. They don’t know how to do that, though, so they want someone to teach them how to do it or do it for them.

All kinds of busy people – This group includes experienced or new bloggers, who also hold down other full-time responsibilities and jobs like parenting or 9-5 jobs outside of their homes. I have a blogger client who works full-time and has a full family and social life. She is busy and has little time and energy to write, edit, optimize and publish her blog regularly.

She is creative, funny and a great writer, and her brilliance needs to be out there, in my opinion. She now carves out an hour and a half once a week to write three posts for the upcoming week. She emails them to me, I edit them, optimize and publish them, and, as my mom likes to say “Bob’s your uncle.” I also find photos and edit then publish them to go with her posts.

(Updated Dec. 15, 2015: I now only edit and proofread for clients. I no longer have the time to publish posts and edit photos for clients. For a list of my current services, visit my Services and Pricing page.)

Experienced, successful bloggers – As the success of some blogs grow, so does the responsibilities of the blogger. A busy, experienced blogger might want to outsource some of her duties when her plate gets full. The blog editor can acts as an extension of the blogger, helping out wherever needed.

The best part of a blog editor’s job for me is helping each blogger reach their goals and acting as their cheerleader. Every writer could use some support, and blogging can be very lonely. A blog editor is someone who can give you the technical expertise you need as well as the encouragement to keep going.

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