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My Blog Editor, content editing that elevates your company brand

What is My Blog Editor?

My Blog Editor is a professional content editing and proofreading service that improves the quality and consistency of Fortune 500 business content.

Why would my corporation need a content editor or proofreader?

As a Fortune 500 CEO or corporate communicator, you juggle a continuous and steady stream of content. My Blog Editor lightens your content editing load and ensures that you’re consistently putting your best foot forward, which, in turn, strengthens your company brand. As owner of My Blog Editor, I meticulously edit and proofread any and all business content, making sure that it’s well written, free of errors and that it adheres to company style guides and branding standards.

Every sentence and phrase on your business website should be clear, concise, credible and consistent so your customers understand and trust you.

You can rely on my 28 years of expertise in content writing, editing and Associated Press style to make your business message shine – whether you need someone to proofread and edit your company blog posts and website pages or corporate communications pieces, including newsletters, marketing collateral, annual reports, biographies and magazines.

Darcy De Leon, My Blog Editor owner


I would absolutely recommend Darcy as a proofreader and editor!

“Before Darcy began proofreading corporate communications content for Phillips 66, there was an overabundance of work. From the moment Darcy came aboard, I was able to meet the growing demand of proofing and editing from all facets of the company. She was available and responsive at all times throughout the day. Darcy was able to proof creative work, article copy and even high-visibility documents like the company Fact Book.

Not only does Darcy have expert-level competency in AP style proofing and editing, but she also adapted to our own company style quickly. The consistency in editing isn’t just to eliminate errors, but to raise the overall level of our corporate communications.

I would absolutely recommend Darcy as a proofreader and editor! Her proficiency in her craft, combined with her availability and quick turnarounds make her services invaluable.”

– Ben Schatte,
Functional Excellence advisor, Communications and Public Affairs, Phillips 66


Darcy does an exceptional job editing without changing the original voice of the article.

Before Darcy began editing for, we had a lot of content that was not consistent in grammar, punctuation or flow. Darcy was able to solve our issues with consistency in her editing and also create a style guide for future contributors, authors and editors.
She does an exceptional job editing without changing the original voice of the article. She is also very punctual with deadlines. Darcy’s editorial services allowed us to create content more rapidly since the workload of trying to edit our own articles was lifted. We are also confident that it will be consistent and up to our standard of content so we don’t have to stress or worry.
I would highly recommend Darcy as an editor. She is really professional, quick and generous with her time. She went above and beyond with everything we hired her to do. The style guide that Darcy provided was such a nice touch and very useful. I also appreciate the time she took to go over my writing with me and the notes she always includes to help me improve as a writer.

– Joe Barbagallo, owner, JoeBody

How I improve your content

I copy edit content for clarity, consistency, accuracy, intent, grammar, spelling, punctuation, flow, Associated Press style and client style guidelines.

I edit using the AP Stylebook, the gold standard of writing style manuals used by professional journalists, corporate communicators and business owners. Following the AP Stylebook and a company style guide gives business content consistency. Consistency builds consumer trust, and trust strengthens company brands.
Services and Pricing


What is edited

Anything with words, including:

Blog posts.
Website pages.
Photo cutlines.
Maps, charts and graphs.
Marketing collateral.
Company fact sheets.
Executive biographies.
Annual reports.
Stockholder agendas.
Website and blog metadata titles.
Website and blog metadata descriptions.

What to do next


  1. Visit my Services and Pricing page and pick a plan to meet your company’s needs. If you need a more customized plan, contact me here.
  2. Once your payment is received, I’ll contact you, and you’ll send me your written content for editing.
  3. I’ll return my edits (with explanations) on the same business day or next business day, depending on my schedule.


What to expect

You can expect high-quality content editing that:

    • Eliminates errors so they don’t appear online or in print.
    • Ensures text is clear, concise and “scannable” (easy to read quickly).
    • Results in better flow and transitions.
    • Corrects inconsistencies or errors in company style and brand guidelines.
    • Integrates search engine optimization to drive Internet traffic to your site (if page and post metadata title and description edits are requested).
    • Includes explanations using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Pro editing tools for PDFs.

To learn more, visit the My Blog Editor FAQ and Services and Pricing pages.